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Isn’t it time you get serious about your thoughts, attitudes, and mental focus? Isn’t it time that you get serious and focused about your attitude, and your determination for success?



After 3 years in the network marketing industry I made a decision that changed the course of my entire life. When you make the same decision I believe your life will take a turn for the positive that you can’t even comprehend at this moment.

Like many network marketers the industry introduced me to a world that I really never knew existed. The world of personal growth and development, like most network marketers I enjoyed the positive books, tapes, and meetings.

I kept hearing over and over phrases like:

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”

You speak your world into existence”

Affirmation is best kept Secret of the Rich”

The business is built between your ears”

And the list of thought provoking quotes goes on and on.

I bought
“Think and Grow Rich” but to be honest I really didn’t get it the first few times I read it. Today, that book is at the top of my list, right under the Bible, and I read it once a year and have for the past 15 years or so.

After three years of inconsistent results I had to make some changes.

I decided to get serious about PROGRAMMING MY MIND FOR SUCCESS. Isn’t it time for you do the same thing?

You see, here is the conclusion that I came to, see if you agree.

We are all programmed. We are either programmed for Success or we are programmed for Mediocrity.

Let me prove it to you, complete these sentences:

I can’t believe I ate the _________ _________”

Where’s the ______________?”

Who Shot ___ ___?”

I Shot _________ ____________”

If you were thinking "whole thing", "beef", "JR", "the Sheriff"...

You see if someone shook you on your death bed and said "WHERE’S THE
______?", you would raise your head slightly and say

You will go to your grave with this information programmed in your mind!

We are all programmed however most people let their minds become subconsciously programmed with Advertisements, the TV, Radio, etc.

We are being programmed and we don’t really realize it, what would happen if we PROGRAMMED OUR MINDS Consciously on purpose?

Here is the TRUTH……

Think about the top producer in your company, we will call him Mark. If you had Mark programming, you would have Mark results! Do you get this?

You must act, perform, & produce in accordance to your program!

When I came to grips with these facts I made the conscious decision to DAILY PROGRAM MY MIND FOR SUCCESS. I took specific steps that only took me about 15-20 minutes a day.

These steps ultimately changed my entire program and I believe was the foundation responsible for helping me develop a multi-million dollar income.

A few years later in 1996 I decided to put the exact daily steps I took in a system I called Programming your Mind for Success and made it available to my downline organization.

I have had more positive feedback on this particular course than anything I have ever done. You see this is not a how to training, IT IS A LIFE ALTERING program that will make all the how to trainings work better!

At the peak of our organization's growth, we had over 100 six-figure earners, 2 which became millionaires, and hundreds of members on our team were earning strong five figure incomes.

Would this have happened without the Programming Your Mind for Success Program being introduced into our organization?

NO! We would have had success, but not at the level we experienced.

Do you see this:

It is not just about what this program can do for you, but your team as well. Imagine a group of focused, excited people who are all PROGRAMMED FOR SUCCESS and will not stand for mediocrity!

You can invest in every “how to” training on the market from every trainer in the world, but if YOU DON’T GET YOUR PROGRAMMING RIGHT, nothing will work at the level it could and should! You must produce in accordance to your programming!


After watching the Programming Your Mind for Success training that you did over 10 years ago, it changed everything for me. It inspired me to write a journal entry that changed my entire life, not to mention my business.

18 months ago I had that revelation. Since then there have been thousands join my organization and my wife and I are financially free. It only came after the reprogramming process. This past weekend, I shared that journal entry with a crowd of almost 3,000 people. It was the best speech I’ve ever done and there were few “dry eyes” in the house.

After all of the adversity we’ve been through and the thousands of people that have quit, lied, and TRIED to bring us down in this industry, we finally made it to the top. It would never have happened without you. Thanks Again, and give my warmest regards to your family.


Michale Newkirk




You are a genius.

I have been a Personal Development Junkie for several Years. Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Zig, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, I have all their programs and have ENJOYED THEM VERY MUCH! The key word being enjoyed, your program was different because you GOT ME INTO A DAILY ROUTINE, that daily routine has changed my life.

I am not the person I was 7 months ago before I started your Programming Your Mind for Success System.

Anyone who is serious about Success NEEDS TO OWN THIS PROGRAM and put it into action. It will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in income to me this year. Knowing what I know now, I would have easily paid 100 times the $79.00 investment!

Susan Clark



Hello Dale.

"For anyone looking for their breakthrough in network marketing, direct sales, or life in general, Dale Calvert's Re-programming the Subconscious Mind course is THE tool you need to succeed.

After over a year of struggling in the industry, I bought this course from Dale, followed the simple 10 minute daily exercises and now work at a totally different level. I moved up two pin levels within a few months of starting Dale's nine month program and know that I will be at the highest level in my company before the nine months are over.

This program is worth thousands of dollars and will make EVERY OTHER BOOK, CD AND SEMINAR/TRAINING EVENT WORK!

Without this program, you might as well not use or attend any other self-development/business books, CD's, or seminars. Dale teaches you to fix your mind so that the success offered in all entrepreneur training can actually take effect. This is a must have for anyone who wants to breakout and live his/her life at the highest possible level....stop the self-sabotage and struggle and get this NOW.

Thank you Dale!!"

Winnie & Woody




I won your Programming Your Mind for Success course when I attended your Seminar of the Century in Lexington, Kentucky. It was 2 years before I ever opened the program….I cannot put into words how my life has changed.

My Marriage is better, I am a better dad, and my BUSINESS IS BOOMING!

I never expected a door prize to change my life, but your program certainly has!

God Bless,

Jamie Johnson
North Carolina




I thought I understood the truth, “You become what you think about.”

I also thought I was putting this truth into practice on a daily basis. After listen to your, “Programming Your Mind For Success”, it took my understanding of this truth to a new higher level. But most of all it showed me how to put this truth into practice on a daily basis. As I did, I immediately saw a change in my business.

This is no doubt the most important training material I have ever purchased.

Brian Ray

I realize, you might be thinking to yourself, What makes the Programming Your Mind for Success System different from other Personal Development Training Programs?

Here is the difference, we are not talking about a bunch of personal development or motivational CD’s, even though there is certainly nothing wrong with those, as you probably know I have dozens of those type of products available.




I am even willing to take ALL THE RISK FOR YOU. Invest in my Programming Your Mind for Success program now, and put it into action for 90 days.

If within 90 days, you don’t feel and see a difference in your thought process and expectation of Success, I DEMAND YOU RETURN IT FOR A FULL REFUND!

I know this program will change your life, I know that it can be the difference between living a life of mediocrity and a life of success.

You are about to experience Success coming to you daily, as easily as mediocrity. You will program your mind to do the activities necessary for success almost effortlessly.

You will receive:

The entire "Programming Your Mind for Success" Program on 3 DVD videos, along with copies of all the forms, you will personally use to monitor your success activities on a CD Rom

What is your investment in this life altering course?

What is this program worth?

How can you put a price on lifetime success?

We originally sold this course for $97.00 and everyone in the past who has invested in it, will tell you it is the best money they have ever invested in their business success.

However we want to make certain that every person who is sincerely serious about their success has the opportunity to experience this system. We also know, that after you get results from this program there is a great chance you will become a long term customer and invest in some of our other “how to” courses.

So I have decided to make this course available at the rock bottom investment of only $67.00 and we will pay all shipping fees.


Plus for a very limited time we are also going to include our BEST SELLING DVD, "The Power of Expectation” a $29.97 Value absolutely FREE!

Dale Calvert

PS. I look forward to hearing back from you after you implement this system. Make sure you send us your testimony; we would love to add you to our list of successful “Programming Your Mind for Success” graduates.




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